Little Wickets Blog August 2019 – Healthy, Active, Confident Kids

Little Wickets AUGUST Blog on HEALTHY ACTIVE CONFIDENT KIDS 2019 Happy Holidays (still) … here’s to healthy, active, confident kids… #holidaysurvival #newterm #activeconfidentkids Hi all, I hope you are all having a great summer and just about holding it together as we are in our household … don’t worry not long to go now. The […]

Little Wickets Blog June 2019 – Managing Transition & Change

Managing Transition & Change Hi all,  Looking outside the window this last couple of weeks it’s been hard to believe that it is actually officially summer… and the longest day has been and gone. But the sun is out now. That’s Britain for you. “Changeable” is what we’re used to. Fingers crossed the “heat wave” […]