Little Wickets Blog June 2019 – Managing Transition & Change

Managing Transition & Change

Hi all, 

Looking outside the window this last couple of weeks it’s been hard to believe that it is actually officially summer… and the longest day has been and gone. But the sun is out now. That’s Britain for you. “Changeable” is what we’re used to. Fingers crossed the “heat wave” will last well into the School Holidays. Especially for the remainder of the ICC Cricket World Cup and the Ashes in August. Let’s hope that the England team can take full advantage of the constantly changing home conditions…

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I hope lots of our Little Wicketers have had/will have the chance to watch some of the action and with the end of another great term of Little Wickets I bet many of them will be saying or thinking “I can do that!”. They can and they do! It’s been an amazing year of skills from our Little Wicketers and there are still a few weeks of the term left before all the Holiday Fun starts!

This month’s theme (as you’ll know if you follow Little Wickets on social media…) has been managing transition & change – which now seems very appropriate after all the changeable weather we’ve been having.

For many parents & kids, the arrival of the Summer Holidays brings relief and excitement whilst for others it brings another set of headaches and family logistics to sort out. In our household, it’s a mix of both, but the end of every school year always seems to come with a tinge of sadness – the end of another era, another year of childhood landmarks has been and gone. It may seem like a long way off but before you know it the holidays will be over and it’ll be time to brace ourselves for a whole range of new opportunities, challenges, and adventures in September. 

More change is coming….

Change is one thing that is constant when you have kids and even though you know the changes are ahead, the actual transition stage between one step of your and your children’s lives to the next can be hard. There’s no way around that but planning ahead for the expected does make the unexpected changes easier to cope with and there ARE things that can help to make managing transition that little bit more manageable and gradual.

Some of the generally accepted ways to help ease the process of making a transition include maintaining some form of continuity, keep encouraging participation in the things you/they love and having an outlet for FUN.

The good news is that for kids, joining or continuing Little Wickets ticks both of these boxes! Not to mention all the other benefits that participating in team sport from a young age can bring to children. According to LaRue Allen of New York University School of Education, “high-quality early childhood programmes are the single most important tool to offer to families and communities who want their young people to be literate competent, and well-adjusted.” That’s some pretty hefty stuff! But we know it’s true. 

Since our 1st Innings sessions cater to kids who as young as 2 ½ we see kids growing up with us and going from being a teeny tiny tot into starting school, growing in confidence & thriving in and out of school. For kids, coming back to the same familiar, small cricket classes with the friends that they already know whilst benefitting from the excellent mentoring from our coaches is incredibly helpful. Being part of a sport outside of nursery or school gives children another social pool to rely on, teaches & reinforces wider life skills such as resolving conflicts, managing their ability to navigate social situations, and handling frustrations. And because we welcome parents to stay on-site during sessions at our regular weekly term-time sessions, there really is a supportive community & lifelong friendships built at Little Wickets.

All of these elements contribute towards creating an environment of continuity that supports kids through the transition from pre-school to primary school and beyond. 

Little Wickets is not just a supportive community, the sessions are enjoyable and FUN for kids. Yes, it’s important for children to be active, and yes, they’ll be learning new skills at Little Wickets but learning to work as part of a team is a great way to navigate & be supported through times of change. Little Wicketers have so much fun they don’t even realise they are learning to face and cope with new challenges.

It can be extremely difficult for young children to go from a relatively free-form pre-school experience to the greater formality of the school day. Whilst children are often away from family for longer during the day, that first year of school the Reception year is welcoming & relaxed but increasingly they will be expected to sit still and concentrate for longer and they’ll be having lots of new experiences. Having an energetic, fun outlet outside school is crucial for managing these changes in a healthy way.

Many of the key developmental stages that kids go through between pre-school and primary school happen at different times for different kids. It’s important for kids to feel grounded & confident about their abilities, whatever their stage of development. Participating in a team sport reinforces children’s confidence in themselves and many studies suggest that playing in a team sport gives kids an advantage intellectually because it helps to develop intelligence and encourages responding to different situations in more positive ways (e.g. being a good winner and loser, persevering when struggling with a skill or when someone is better than you at a skill). So either way, this is a win-win scenario.

The struggles of dealing with transition never truly go away, but we do definitely get better at coping the more we go through life. We know that Little Wickets is fun but if Little Wickets sessions have helped even one family manage transition a bit better then I’m delighted. 


As always, thank you for reading, and if you’ve had any experiences in managing transition lately, we’d love to hear about it and what methods you used to get through! And don’t forget to book your children’s Little Wickets Holiday Fun & the Autumn Term regular sessions. 

Feel free to share your thoughts by emailing info@littlewickets or sending Little Wickets a message on social media (handle is @LittleWickets on everything!).

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