LW Blog Dec 2018 – Healthy, Active, & Confident Kids

In my full-time role as “Mum the Taxi” I often use the time waiting to collect my kids from yet another sporting activity to catch up on the latest important news.

You know, things like the latest Strictly gossip (Well done to Little Wickets Dad & Ex-England International, Graeme Swann on his impressive footwork with his dance partner Oti Mabuse this year. We were sorry to see you go, but it’s been lots of fun watching you on the journey), the progress of the Women’s’ England Cricket Team in the World T20 (sorry not to see Little Wickets Auntie & England squad veteran Jenny Gunn in action, but great to see new young talent coming through. That was some amazing cricket from the ladies to get to the final. They’ll get the Aussies next time!), and of course the England Men’s tour in Sri Lanka (no Little Wickets links there this time!).

However, this week it wasn’t the latest Celebrity news or England Cricketing highs and lows that jumped out at me. Instead, it was these two little snippets of information:

  1. From an old article about The British Heart Foundation’s Early Years Manifesto Report (2016)  …

“91% of children aged 2-4 are currently not meeting the UK physical activity guidelines for their age group of three hours of activity a day.”

Lisa Young, Project Manager, Prevention and Behaviour Change at the British Heart Foundation said:

“We know that physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle for everyone and the under-fives are no different. Developing a love of being active from a young age is important as we know active children become active adults and active adults are healthier adults”


  1. “Kids who are confident in themselves and their abilities will do better academically, socially, and behaviorally. Physical confidence, in particular, can mean better mental and physical health.”

‘7 Ways to Raise a Physically Confident Child’


WOW that is a lot of time that the BHF recommends per day, and WOW that’s a lot of young kids not doing enough exercise. As parents, I guess we all know instinctively that physical activity is an important part of being healthy so it’s no surprise that the earlier that kids start to love being active, the more likely they are to remain active and healthy in adulthood.  But it also goes beyond that; as parents, we want our kids to be happy, healthy, and confident. All three are linked – happy, healthy children have a solid base from which to build confidence and vice versa.

It’s been proven that kids involved in sport are more likely to try new things and take on new challenges in other aspects of their lives. Getting kids healthy, active, and confident makes them aware of their limits, but also aware that those limits can be overcome with time and patience, which is good for their long-term mental health as well.

Staying active and nurturing a love of sport in general is something that kids can take forward to build lasting healthy habits that they’ll carry with them for their entire lives. The problem is, when it’s cold, wet and dark outside by 3:30pm, finding an activity that kids can maintain enthusiasm for becomes that much harder (but all the more important). Little Wickets weekly sessions are indoors. They are centred around having fun, getting involved, and staying active. We’re proud to be doing our bit to increase physical activity in kids and toddlers, as young as 2 ½ years old, but most of all we love encouraging them to have fun doing it!

So if, like me, you feel you spend too much time watching in the cold or staring out at the dark while you wait for your kids, rest assured that whatever activity you are enabling your kids to join in with, you are doing the best thing for your kids’ overall health, happiness, and confidence. And of course, don’t forget that if you want your child or toddler to try out some indoor active fun then there’s always Little Wickets.

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