Little Wickets Blog January 2019 – Teamwork


Happy 2019!

Every new year, we are bombarded with messages about making (and breaking) resolutions, staying motivated & happy. No matter what the time of year, for me the motivation always comes down to the same thing – being part of a team, both at home & at work. Life is a team sport …

With a new term starting there are lots of great new plans in 2019 for Little Wickets. It’s the fantastic Little Wickets coaching and the dedicated (& patient) back-room team that are integral in making the magic happen week in and week out and building on the strong foundations already in place to deliver even more new and exciting activities …. and bringing our new plans to life, all centred around Little Wickets’ main ethos ‘Developing Kids’ Physical & Social Skills to create Team Players For Life (while having Fun!)’

A focus on teamwork with toddlers and kids is an invaluable tool for fostering an atmosphere of friendship and loyalty. Kids are individuals and all have unique strengths and weakness, but emphasising teamwork promotes working together and supporting each other. This behaviour can also have other really positive knock-on effects, such as encouraging empathy and kindness. We realise that for our youngest Little Wicketers (at 2 ½) the concept of working together as a team may still be a little way off, especially when they are probably still grappling with the concept of ‘sharing’. However, these early steps that start with the concept of ‘taking turns’ with their friends in a fun and supportive atmosphere is sowing the incredibly important seeds for a lifelong participation in teams – whether that’s in a sporting sense or in life generally.

Helping kids feel like part of a team is achieved through a variety of methods at Little Wickets, whether it be group skill-based activities, high fives at the beginning and end of sessions, introspective discussion with the kids about their specific highlights and achievements during sessions, as well as continued active communication. Everything is centred around helping kids feel involved, and ultimately to have fun. It’s fabulous to see those toddlers developing step by step into confident, independent Girls & Boys loving the team games that we incorporate into all of the 2nd Innings sessions & there will lots more of that in 2019.

There are many words from cultures around the world that underline how important teamwork is to us, as people. As those who have seen Lilo & Stitch with their kids will know, in Hawaiian culture, ohana means family, “and family means nobody gets left behind” and the New Zealand Maori have a similar word for this concept: ‘whānau’. It seems that we could all benefit from embracing teamwork a little bit more, and perhaps is best described through this example from Xhosa culture illustrated in the image below.

teamwork anthropology example


The success of Little Wickets & all our ‘graduates’ is a testament to the whole team that have always worked closely together and shared their ideas to deliver such active & fun sessions for the kids. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. It’s a team collaboration between myself, the admin team, the coaches, all our Little Wickets parents for bringing their kids along, and the kids themselves for working together in sessions to learn and develop their skills week on week. Thank you for your continued support. We’re looking forward to lots more fun & teamwork in the coming year.

And don’t forget we’d love to share our successful formula with lots more toddlers, kids & families, so spread the word – the more the merrier.  We’ve got a great year ahead!

Until next month,