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I’m Chloe, and I set up Little Wickets about a decade ago for younger kids (including my own kids) to have lots of fun and enjoy their first steps into Cricket in a caring, supportive, and action-packed environment.  Little Wickets is more than just learning cricket skills early, it sows the seeds for a lifelong love of sport and builds ‘softer’ essential life skills; good sportsmanship & teamwork to name but a few.

As a team ourselves each month have a theme that highlights one of the many factors that underpins the Little Wickets ethos. Whilst searching for this month’s theme I couldn’t help but notice that there seems to be a ‘special day’ for everything now. Some of them are frankly ridiculous  … who knew there needed to be a ‘ Look for Circles Day’ (by the way it’s 2nd November in case you need it next year). On the other hand, there are many that are well worth noting for example ‘World Kindness Day’ on November 13th, was set up with the intent to “build a kinder and more compassionate world”.

In recognition of ‘World Kindness Day,’ this month’s Little Wickets theme is EMPATHY: awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others.  According to current thinking, we’re all born with the capacity for empathy, but it is a learned behaviour/ability and helps to manage and regulate emotions in relation to other people (and therefore react appropriately).

As parents, being KIND & reacting appropriately is something we spend a lot of time re-enforcing in our children, but sometimes despite our best efforts, our children may not have as many opportunities as perhaps they should to recognise the emotional needs of others. The chance to engage in team activities alongside others of their own age offers children the chance to learn new skills, to start to figure out the needs and emotions of others around them and socialise in new ways. Building genuine friendships based on respect and empathy for others contributes to their personal growth and enhanced emotional intelligence.

Starting any sport early is not just about building individual skills early, it is about understanding how to play and work alongside other children. Little Wickets welcomes children of all abilities and backgrounds at our Little Wickets Sessions, whether at 1st Innings, which caters for children of preschool age as young as 2 and ½ until they start school, or at 2nd Innings for school-aged children in Reception, Year 1, & Year 2. Whatever the case, empathy is key, and a fundamental part of how we deliver our Little Wickets sessions. From high-fives, shaking hands, and greeting each other at the start of each session, to ensuring that individual hard-work and enthusiastic participation are noticed and praised by everyone during games, all of our Little Wicketers are highly encouraged to demonstrate an awareness of each others’ thoughts and feelings and treat each other with kindness as a result.

The Little Wickets team of qualified and enthusiastic coaches all endeavour to be good role models for the children through good communication. They don’t only teach children cricket skills and help them improve, but they also help children build on their social skills in a safe social sphere outside of the family unit. This is why I was particularly proud to receive this timely unsolicited feedback this week from Rosie Coverini, whose son attends our pre-school 1st Innings session at Hocus Pocus Softplay in Beeston on Thursday mornings.

“I am honestly so impressed with your team. We do a lot of other sports groups and the attentive nature of your coaches to the individual needs of the children is second to none.” Rosie Coverini

No matter how small or big we’d love to hear your Little Wickets stories too, or if you have an idea for our monthly theme – your feedback is essential.  Please feel free to contact me at

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