Just a short introduction, before we get into this month’s topic: my name is Chloe, and I set up Little Wickets about a decade ago. Little Wickets started as a fun way for me to incorporate team sport into my children’s lives from an early age. Cricket for me as a child was on the beach & listening to Test Match Special (usually under a towel on a cold and blustery Cornish beach) and then something that only boys played at school, but I loved watching. When my son & daughter were toddlers, there were some cricket options for kids in our local area, but none that catered for really young kids, which got me thinking about ways to open up cricket as a sport to younger children – both boys & girls ….

With the help of an ECB Level 3 Coach, (essentially a coach that coaches the coaches) who had over 25 years teaching PE and my drive to make sure the essential elements that parents want from toddler & young kids activities were included, Little Wickets was born.

The concept of Little Wickets is simple: it’s encouraging children to enjoy cricket in a fun and safe environment that enables them to run around, as well providing them with a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle and hopefully a lifelong participation & love for all team sports, but Cricket in particular. Little Wickets imparts technical, physical, life, and social skills that increase hand-eye coordination and teach kids empathy and teamwork, as well as giving them a head start in life.

Cricket in particular is a sport that has a lot of associated strong principles & values; a key one that we’re focusing on this month is RESPECT. At Little Wickets, we define this as thoughtfulness and consideration for other people’s feelings, and we strongly believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities or achievements, deserves respect.

The great thing about respect is that it is a two-way street that perpetuates itself. When you show respect for someone, you acknowledge their intrinsic value and demonstrate your own empathy and compassion. This is a key aspect in building and developing strong, healthy relationships in every part of our children’s lives, which is why we take great consideration in imparting respect in our Little Wicketers, both for themselves and for others.

Our talented and qualified coaches are sought out specifically to ensure that they have a natural flair to inspire even the youngest of children, which in turn guarantees our Little Wickets ethos is maintained in all sessions. This is important to us, because we know how imperative respect is to supporting other upstanding principles & values in children, such as honesty and respecting boundaries. Some of the ways in which we do this in our sessions may seem small, but the consistency is key. From greeting people with smiles, high fives at the start of the sessions, stickers at the end, and saying ‘well done’ during the fun & games to those who have lost as well as to those who have won, all these elements help shape our Little Wicketers and teach them to be respectful.

We know that respect is important to our Little Wicketers’ parents & families, but for the kids themselves they aren’t even thinking about the life skills they are learning. The best bit for them is the fun they have. I still love seeing smiles all round!


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