Little Wickets Blog September 2019 – Life Skills: School and Sport

Life Skills: Sport, School and FUN

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How time flies …. The Summer has gone, a new school year is in full swing and the next set of School Holidays are just around the corner.  (Psst don’t forget to book for our October Half Term Camp in West Bridgford on Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th October or our Tots Hot Shots Morning on Fri 1st November!!) 

We had a great summer of our Little Wickets kids’ summer camp (& not too much rain!) and it’s been fantastic to welcome in another Autumn Term of crickety fun and games! The coaches were raring to go and we have had an unprecedented demand for our regular 1st & 2nd Innings term-time sessions, so much so that we only have a few spaces left and waiting lists for many of the sessions (but not all so please do get in touch if you want your child to join in the fun).  

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Whether it’s our unique offering, the rave reviews from parents and/or the ‘Ben Stokes’ effect it’s been great to see so many kids (old & new) having fun and getting stuck in this term.

The incredibly exciting 2019 Summer of Cricket, has definitely inspired lots of kids, it has also shone a light on how important sport generally is in developing children’s individual all-around life skills and ability to thrive at school.  Not only the obvious health benefits of sport but the other important benefits of building RESILIENCE, REASONING & TEAMWORK which are essential in supporting our kids as they venture into life at school and beyond. 


The benefits of sport in and outside the classroom are well documented (& observed by many parents, including me) 

  • Improving children’s attention span & cognition (still a work in progress in my household)
  • Increasing academic achievement (only time will tell – fingers crossed)  
  • Improving sleep (definitely increased the need for sleep in this parent)
  • Regulating appetite (yup)
  • Supporting healthy bones and growth (seems to be working)
  • Increasing energy levels (definitely for my kids)
  • Improving self-esteem (this didn’t appear to be an issue in our household but has also added genuine humility & respectfulness – thankfully)

With so many benefits to participation in sport and being active there’s a lot of discussion by policymakers about increasing the amount of sport in the curriculum and making sure that every child has at least 60 minutes of activity a day (Sport England – UK Gov School Sport & Activity Plan July 19 is interesting reading if you want to see all the details). But the onus all seems to be on the schools to make it happen. Yet another thing to add to the already long list of things teachers are expected to deliver and be measured on! I don’t even want to venture into that minefield … However, let’s be honest no matter what Government policy is or will be, WE as Parents hold the first responsibility.  

“How people feel during exercise predicts both current and future physical activity levels”.

This quote is from an academic research paper by Professor David M Williams of Brown University (no relation). I don’t think it takes academic research to tell us this obvious truth but it is good to know that common sense is backed by rigorous research. We all want our kids to grow up happy & healthy .. and one of the main pillars in ensuring that they have every opportunity to do so is that they have regular exercise that they ENJOY! School will hopefully provide our children with many new opportunities to try new and different ways to be active but it can’t all be left to them.

The key is finding your kids a sporting activity(ies) that makes them HAPPY. Encouraging kids to try lots of different things in and out of school is essential!

 Centred around the ‘FUNdamentals of Movement’, Little Wickets welcomes Boys & Girls as young as 2 ½ to 7 for 1st and 2nd Innings and up to 11 years old at our school clubs and holiday camps. We are just one of the many ways of sowing the seed for a lifelong love for participation in sport (hopefully Cricket is one of them) for your kids. Hopefully, your kids so already (or will when their time comes) engage with sport at school in a positive way, but also look around for further opportunities to get kids moving in a fun way (that THEY enjoy) because the lifelong impact is real and significant. 

The huge benefits of your kids’ early participation in sport may not be revealed immediately but I am sure you are already being rewarded by the smiles on their faces!  I can honestly say that my kids’ continued involvement in so many different sports (& yes Cricket is still their first passion despite the birth & rise of Little Wickets on their kitchen table!) means I do still get to see the smiles on their faces, especially at a time of their lives when grunting and solemn faces are the norm at home! Sport (& Cricket in particular) is making it easier for them to cope with school & life as they head into the start of the ‘Teenage Doldrums’  (oops that’s jinxed it) ..… They still play sport because they enjoy it and they put Cricket first because their earliest experiences were FUN! And most of all it makes me happy (& reassured) to see a glimpse of their deep-down childhood happiness while they join in as part of the team!

There’s a simple answer for teaching a love of sport as a life skill and that’s making it fun! I’m incredibly proud that our amazing Little Wickets team has been a part of that journey for my kids & so many other children in (and beyond) Nottinghamshire.

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I’d love to hear how Little Wickets or in fact any sport has already impacted on yours and/or your children’s lives. Please do get in touch, either by emailing or by leaving a comment via social media. You can follow @LittleWickets on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As always, thank you for reading. 

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