At The Sessions

At The Sessions – What happens at a Little Wickets Cricket Coaching Session?

We run two different Cricket coaching sessions depending on if a child is Pre-school age from 2 1/2 (1st Innings) or School age up to Year 2 (2nd Innings).  Experienced older kids (Year 3 and above) can join our Big Hitters session before signing up for Kwik Cricket at their local cricket club.

At the Sessions

  • The Little Wickets program runs on a weekly basis year-round during the term.
  • The sessions are 45 minutes long
  • The sessions are delivered by handpicked, qualified and fully vetted sports coaches
  • The venues are all indoors, so we’re never a hostage to the weather & we run year-round!
  • We do ask that parents (or a nominated adult) stay on-site during the sessions*

*Please see special provisions below during COVID times

The New Normal While COVID-19 is around

Without compromising on the Fun we continue to implement a number of COVID-19 Mitigation Measures to ensure the safety of the team, all our Families and the local commnity. Please see a summary of the measures we ask all our Little Wickets Families to follow in our  Little Wickets’ COVID ‘New Normal’ Protocols as well as the  venue specific measures in place.

1st Innings – for the pre-school aged toddlers (from 2 1/2 years)

The coaches start with some fun warm-up games and then introduce innovative skill-based activities & games: It’s not a cricket match! The activities all have cricket at their heart and are based on the ‘FUNdamentals of movement’, developing hand-eye coordination, individual skills and team co-operation. Each cricket training session has a particular theme whether it be batting, bowling, catching, throwing or fielding but all of the elements of the sport are incorporated into all the sessions. The coaches always encourage the kids to join in as independently as possible, however, the grown-ups can join in as much or as little as they feel is necessary. Don’t be surprised if the adult level of involvement varies from week to week – that is completely normal (and irrelevant of the kids’ age or experience at Little Wickets!) It may seem a long way off now but it soon comes around that they finish pre-school and start school. When this happens, the kids join our slightly larger 2nd innings sessions. In these sessions, there is an increased focus on ‘The Spirit of Cricket’, Good sportsmanship, teamwork, individual skill development and gameplay.

Have a look at a 1st Innings session for pre-school aged toddlers

2nd Innings – for the kids who have already started at school up to 7 years old

The sessions are run by one of our experienced, qualified and fully vetted coaches and a coaching assistant. The coaches start with some fun warm-up games and then introduce skill-based activities. The activities all have cricket as the theme and are based on the ‘FUNdamentals of movement’ and developing hand-eye coordination, individual skills and team cooperation. Each session has a particular focus whether it be batting, bowling, catching or throwing all of the elements of the sport are incorporated into all the cricket coaching sessions. The focus is always on fair play, fun and participation – ‘The Spirit of Cricket’.  We do ask parents to stay onsite during the sessions and normally you are welcome to stay and watch our cricket coaching. However, during COVID times to limit the number of people inside the venues, we are asking parents/carers to wait on site but outside the building, if they feel their school-aged child(ren) will be comfortable with that. If one parent/carer needs to stay for their then they are  asked to watch from the side, wearing a face covering and socially-distanced from anyone not in their household or ‘bubble’.

Have a look at 2nd Innings session for Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Kids

What to Bring to our Sessions – during COVID Times

During COVID times we are limiting the sharing of equipment so we are asking the Children to bring their own plastic cricket bat to the sessions. If they don’t have one, please let us know in advance and the coaches will be happy to lend them one of ours,  for their sole use during the session. Other than a bat we also  recommend the children bring a  drink.

There is nothing special to wear- just whatever they are comfortable running around in. We are normally indoors but while we are all being encouraged to be outside, as much as possible at the moment, we may take the opportunity to run the session outside if the weather is on our side and/or it is appropriate for the planned session. We may not always be able to contact you in advance to let you know that we will be outside so if it’s looking sunny & clear it is worth coming prepared with an extra layer &/or sunhats and sun cream.