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We recognise that every child is different and develops their skills at different rates so no one answer will do here. We recommend that you talk to us & the Coach if they are already signed up, who will be happy to discuss all the different options. The aim of Little Wickets is to create a life time of enjoyment of sports, so anything that helps the child feel happy playing sports we encourage. Bear in mind that in the 2nd Innings sessions are generally a lot busier and whilst your child’s skill levels may be equal to or better than some of the older kids they may find the more frenetic sessions too much to cope with. Sometimes being the eldest/best (the ‘Top Dog’) in a group can be really good for a child’s confidence.

Little Wickets coaches are very experienced and always make sure that every child is included and challenged (even if the child just thinks they are having fun!)

Only you can really know what is best. If you are unsure and want them to try the older larger 2nd Innings groups we are happy to let them have a go for a couple of weeks before you commit to a different session, but this is subject to the Coach feedback, availability and waiting lists for your requested sessions.

Keep talking to us & the coach … if you or your child feel that they are outgrowing their current group then we will be happy to look at all the alternatives. The main thing is that your child enjoys coming and has fun at the sessions.

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